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“I instantly had a feeling that it was the right place for us, so that made it easier.”

It wasn’t easy for mom, Rebecca Harrow to make the decision to go back to work. She worried about finding the right people to care for her son. Rebecca says she was able to put her trust in the YMCA-operated Quarry Park Child Development Centre in southeast Calgary.

“It made me feel a little bit less ‘mom guilt’ that I had a special place for him to go where he would be happy, where he would be cared about and where I didn’t have to worry about him every day,” says Rebecca.

Rebecca also received support from Trudy Halvorsen, Centre Manager, Early Years and her team in other ways.

“Logan has some speech delays,” says Rebecca. “They let our therapy team come in without any issue.” Every day, Logan’s developmental specialist was welcomed into the facility to help him, meaning he didn’t have to leave his child care centre.

“Which is huge because this is where I felt like he was safe and I knew where he was and I trusted the staff and so they made that possible,” Rebecca says.

Next, Logan is headed to Kindergarten across town. As Rebecca and Logan continue their journey, Rebecca says she is leaving Quarry Park Child Development Centre with fond memories of the compassion she and her son were shown throughout their time at the YMCA.

“Every single day we are greeted by smiles and high fives,” she says. The staff care about who we are and about our family.”