YMCA Scope and Impact in 2017

Impact Quotes from our Community

“To me the Melcor Crowfoot Y is not just about exercise. It’s about connecting with people and sharing a common interest. It’s about friendships. It’s about getting involved with your community. Simply put, it’s about how I choose to start my day!”

Lorraine Popovich, member of Melcor YMCA at Crowfoot

“The Healthy Living program is exemplary in demonstrating how being involved in a regular work out program benefits people in our age group. It could be a model for other YMCAs everywhere. Finally, it is fun and it is wonderful to see the camaraderie and concern among those who work out together”

Marie Rhodes, YMCA member for more than 20 years

The most worthwhile benefits we make to young people and their families are hard to measure. Creating joy, sparking imaginations, providing quality time, encouraging belonging, and building community are a few of the common goals Quest Theatre and the YMCA share. We are thrilled that the YMCA has recognized the strategic advantages of including theatre in their extraordinary vision of a happy, healthy and inclusive society.

Nikki Loach, Artistic Director, Quest Theatre and inaugural YMCA Arts Partner